Product Review: Forager Project Organic Banana & Date Probiotic Smoothie

I’m beginning to question if there isn’t anything Forager Project doesn’t do! Their stuff is popping up everywhere, and they have a very wide variety of products. I have previously reviewed their yogurt and chips, so I figured I would try one of their drinks to see how it stacked up. I found this at my local Albertson’s right by the juices and kombucha. I was going to get one of the bottled cold brew with almond milk drinks for an afternoon treat, but I saw this and I decided to pick it up. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but I saw the Forager logo and I got excited. I stopped and looked at all of the options. There was a chocolate protein milk, a few probiotic smoothies and juices. I decided to go with the banana date, since I always go for a regular juice or anything chocolate.

Looking at the label, the product is pretty simple. It contains the cashew milk base, bananas, dates, vanilla, chia seeds, the probiotic, and vegan cultured dextrose as a “natural preservative”. I don’t really love the added preservative, but it is better than sulfites, or many of the other chemical preservatives found in most packaged foods. In my opinion, they’d be better off by shortening the shelf life a little bit than by adding in the cultured dextrose. Other than that, I was pretty excited to try the product.

IMG_4752Before drinking it, I had to shake the bottle pretty well. It was separated and the particles that had settled to the bottom were very well settled. When I opened the bottle, it was a lot thinner than I expected. It said smoothie on the label, so I was expecting something closer to the consistency of a drinkable yogurt. It was more like a slightly thickened milk. The color wasn’t the most appetizing thing I had ever seen either. It was a light brown some brown/black flecks in it. I took a sip and it was a lot less sweet than I expected. I was thinking something with dates and bananas would be too sweet, but it wasn’t at all. It had a pretty strong banana flavor, and not much else. It wasn’t a super fresh banana flavor either. It kind of tasted like a very over ripe banana. The chia seeds and the skins from the dates made it slightly grainy.

Overall, I thought that the product was alright. I didn’t finish it all in one sitting. It was a little too grainy, and the flavor tasted a bit off to me. I was kind of disappointed because I have loved all of their other products. I will try the other juices, smoothies and milks, but I don’t think I’ll be getting this one again.

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