Weekly Update: July 5-11

The past week has been a good balance of busy days, and days off. I have had some busier dinner days, and between those and the farmer’s market, I have been taking advantage of my days off.

Last week I left off with my Thursday dinners as usual. I repeated the sweet potato glass noodle dinner with veggies, tofu, and peanut sauce. It is a favorite of a lot of people, including myself. I had more orders than I have been getting, which was exciting. Whenever I do that dinner, half of the prep time ends up being spent on thinly slicing ginger and carrots. I enjoy it though. It forces me to work on my knife skills, which I never take the time to practice.

The next few days I had off. I rested on Friday and took care of some home projects over the weekend. I always enjoy getting to spend time doing things other than cooking since I am constantly doing it. Before I started Vegan in Wyoming, cooking was more of a hobby, now it’s work and a hobby in one. It’s actually been really interesting because I don’t spend as much of my free time cooking, so I have found other things that I enjoy.

Monday was a slower day, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I got to work with two different local growers. I got my beets and greens from a friend who has a garden, and I used some local mushrooms. I only had a few dinners, but I also got an order for a cold vegetable soup for 25-30 people. I ended up doing a cross between gazpacho and a creamy celery root soup that I like. It was fun to make since all I really had to do was throw a bunch of stuff into the Vitamix. My Vitamix is by far my favorite kitchen gadget, so any day I get to use it is a good day!

The next day I had the farmer’s market. I had sold out the previous week, so I was worried it would happen again. I always worry about selling out because I want to be there for the entire market in case someone comes looking for me, or by chance I meet a new vegan. I made a lot more stuff than I normally do, and I ended up having a few leftovers. I wasn’t particularly sad since I have been selling out a lot and I enjoy having some treats at the end of the night!

Overall this week has been really great. I have had some variety in my orders, which has been pleasant. I have a few dinners and a dessert order for tomorrow. I will probably end up getting some more local produce for the dinner. I look forward to sharing how everything goes next week.

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