Product Review: Maxine’s Heavenly Chocolate Chocolate Chip

I have been craving cookies all week. Even though it has been insanely hot and I like to snack on cold treats, I decided that cookies sounded better. I was going to review another cookie product, but I ate it all before I got around to taking pictures. I decided to go with these. I have seen them the last few times I’ve looked at the cookie section of Natural Grocers, but I haven’t had the urge to try them until now!

I must say, the package of these cookies makes them look delicious! I don’t remember what other flavors they had, but I knew I wanted the ones with chocolate, since chocolate is always my first choice. I thought that the packaging was cute. I like that it is resealable, since a lot of bags or sleeves of cookies aren’t. There was a little story on the back about the company, which I found interesting. I think it’s great for marketing, but I don’t necessarily agree with it. It talks about how they took a traditional recipe and replaced all of the bad stuff with “super clean ingredients”. I didn’t necessarily like that. I don’t really see things as palm fruit oil, sunflower lecithin, cane sugar (in the chocolate chips) or cornstarch as “super clean ingredients”, even if they are non-GMO. A lot of products anymore will try to brag about how healthy/clean they are or that they’re “gluten-free” or “soy-free” to get more people’s attention. I think it’s misleading to so many people and it is all a marketing game. Really, it’s a packaged cookie that has just as many calories, grams of sugar, and fat as the next cookie.


The cookie itself looked pretty yummy. It was a lot softer than I expected. For some reason I was expecting a hard crunchy cookie, and it was really soft. It was almost too soft. I also expected it to be lighter in color, like the picture on the bag. It was quite a bit darker. When I tried it, I got sweet and oats. I got a small amount of chocolate in the cookie I had. I wish the chunks were more evenly distributed. I definitely tasted the brown rice flour. That was the dead giveaway that it was gluten-free. I didn’t love that. I guess it was also supposed to be chocolate flavored dough, but I didn’t really get much of that. Despite those things, it was a pretty good cookie, though.


Overall, I thought that this product was alright. I liked it for what it was, not how it was labeled. Other than thinking the story and “healthy” labels on the package were misleading, I liked the packaging. I also liked the general flavor of the cookie. I didn’t love the texture, and I think it would have been more realistic to label it as an oat chocolate chunk cookie. I would be willing to try them again or get adventurous and try another flavor!

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