Product Review: Sabra–Sweet and Smoky BBQ Hummus

Hummus and BBQ jackfruit in one dip? Needless to say I was thrilled to come across this product. I actually found out about it from a customer. That being said, I know there are a handful of people who already know about this product. For everyone who doesn’t, this is an exciting thing! I know very few vegans who either don’t like hummus or don’t like jackfruit. For most of us, the concept alone is a home run!

First of all, when I went looking for this product, I was looking way too hard for the label to announce jackfruit in big, bold letters. That really wasn’t the case at all. It was on the front, but it wasn’t part of the name like I had expected, so I had to look a little bit. Since Albertson’s only has five or six different flavors of the Sabra hummus it didn’t take long to find the right one. I was slightly skeptical of the label “sweet and smoky” since a lot of times I find barbecue sauces too sweet. Looking at the ingredients, I really appreciated that they used smoked paprika instead of a liquid smoke. Liquid smoke has such a bad artificial flavor that isn’t appealing at all. Most of the other ingredients were good. It contained potassium sorbate “to maintain freshness”. I would just prefer that companies stop lying and straight up say that they use a preservative. I was also curious about the “natural flavors”. I am just skeptical when products say that and don’t list where the flavors come from. Other than that, I didn’t really have a problem with the ingredients.

I decided to try the hummus with a really neutral flavored cracker. I didn’t want any distractions when it came to the initial test. Looking at the product, the jackfruit was a lot smoother than I had expected. It was almost like it had gone through the food processor. I was hoping for actual pieces of jackfruit in the barbecue sauce. I tried the barbecue jackfruit plain first. I thought that the sauce tasted too smoky and too sweet. Next, I mixed a bit of the middle into the hummus. I thought that definitely mellowed everything out. It was still a little too smoky for my taste, but it wasn’t as sweet because the hummus was so savory. I also felt like the jackfruit didn’t add much texturally.


Overall, I thought that it was good. It wasn’t perfect. I prefer some of Sabra’s other hummus products better, but this one was fun. I think it would be a great way to introduce people to hummus due to the bold flavors and familiarity of the barbecue sauce. I mostly liked the fact that it was something unique and that such a big company used an ingredient that is not widely popular to people other than vegans.


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