Weekly Update: July 19-25

I can’t believe it has already been another week! This week has been really great. I have had a chance to recharge which has helped me get through the past few days. I left off with my Thursday dinners last week. Over the weekend I had a dessert order. I had a pretty steady Monday, then I decided to take a day off instead of doing the market. Before writing this, I delivered a cupcake order, and got to take the afternoon off. Writing it all out, it has been a pretty busy week!

Last Thursday’s dinners went well. It was a little slower than usual, but everything went alright. I was able to get done pretty early, so I took some time to catch up on some personal things.

After I got done with my Thursday dinners, I took a dessert order for the weekend. It was for a baked cheesecake and some gluten-free cookies. I must admit it was probably my favorite order! I just started making the baked cheesecakes about a month ago, and I can’t stop. They are my absolute favorite thing that I make! I also really like my gluten-free cookies. I have worked really hard to make them not taste gluten-free. They are easily in my top three cookies! The order went well, clearly it was a lot of fun to prepare, and the people that ordered them were happy.

My Monday dinners went really well. I had a few more orders than usual. I’ve been getting pretty fast at prepping the dinners, so I got done after about four hours of work. I was actually really surprised that I got done so quickly. I did a lot of different components, including making my own flour tortillas. I must admit, I wasn’t very inspired while menu planning, but everything came out really well, and once I got cooking I was excited. At the end of the day, it turned out to be one of my favorite dinners.

I ended up taking a break from the farmers market, since it was my birthday. I didn’t cook a thing, and it was absolutely wonderful. I have three dessert orders for this week, which make up for not doing the market.

The rest of the week is shaping up to being a busy week. I have a good amount of dinners for Thursday. I also have most of those dessert orders to deliver. I am really excited for the weekend. We are going to VegFest Colorado, and I am looking forward to trying some new products and meeting some new people! I can’t wait to share how it goes next week!

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