Weekly Update: July 26 – August 1

I feel like this whole last week has been a blur! I have had a very busy week, but I definitely can’t complain. It has actually been a good balance of work and rest. I have had a few dessert orders and the past two dinners have gotten more orders than usual. Over the weekend, I got to get out of town and go to VegFest Colorado, which was great!

Last week, I left off with my Thursday dinners. I had a pretty good amount of orders. It wasn’t an overly busy day, but I definitely kept busy. I really enjoyed the dinner that I did because I hadn’t done gnocchi in a long time. I also got to harvest some kale from a local garden for the dinner. I had never actually harvested my own vegetables before, so it was a fun experience. I felt really good about the dinner and I really enjoyed preparing the meal.

The next day was really busy. I had some personal stuff to take care of, but I also had an order for some cupcakes. The cupcake order was fun. I always enjoy putting the orders together and making everything look presentable. Later that day, we got packed up and headed down to Colorado for VegFest.

VegFest was so much fun! First thing in the morning, we got to hear Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn speak. He is definitely one of the most influential individuals when it comes to the health benefits of a plant based diet. Throughout the day, I tried a lot of different products, and got to meet a lot of fellow small business owners. Many of them I had talked with on Instagram, so it was nice to finally put a face to the names and businesses.

After I returned back from VegFest, I had my Meatless Monday dinners. I had quite a few orders. Of course, it happened to be my most time consuming meal as well: tofu-scallion potstickers. I really enjoy making potstickers, but I only do them for dinners every once in a while because they are so time consuming. At the end of the day, everything got done and I really didn’t feel stressed or pressured.

Right after my dinners, I had to start planning for the farmer’s market. I hadn’t planned anything all week, so I spent some time figuring out what to make. Once I began prep the day of the market, everything went pretty smoothly. I didn’t feel busy or rushed. Unfortunately my cheesecakes didn’t turn out how I was hoping, so I didn’t end up selling those. I did sell out, so that made me happy!

Overall this week was really good. I have come pretty close to hitting a wall due to lack of  rest, but I’ve been able to push through and make it work. I have been busy doing something almost everyday, but reflecting on it, everything has been really enjoyable. I honestly couldn’t ask for more!

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