Weekly Update: August 2-8

It has been a very eventful week! So much has happened, it has kind of been hard to keep track of. Last week, I left off with my Thursday dinners. The following day I had a dessert order. Saturday was my one year anniversary meet up and potluck. I had an average day for orders on Monday, but a few people ordered desserts with their dinners. The day after that was really busy with the farmer’s market. As I write this, I am supposed to have the day off, but it has been spent meeting with people and going to appointments.

Last Thursday wasn’t super busy. I had a few orders, but it worked out well because I ended up taking a dessert order for the following day. I was pretty excited about the dinner since I got to use so many local ingredients. Once again, I got to harvest my own greens and a few onions for the dinner! The dessert order for the following day was exciting for me. I posted a photo of a carrot bundt cake I made for the farmer’s market the previous week, and within 10 minutes of posting it, someone wanted to order a full size one! I really like it when I post a picture and get an order for that exact item, especially when it is a dessert that isn’t listed on my website.

After the week was over, I had my meet up/potluck. One year ago on August 3rd, I set up my very first booth at the farmer’s market. I wanted to celebrate in some way, and I have been talking about doing a meet up for almost nine months now. There were about 10 of us who showed up, and everyone was vegan (with the exception of my mom and sister). It was a lot of fun, and most people brought food. There was a ton of food, and a lot of good conversation. It was amazing getting to hear everyone’s stories and getting to talk about food with people.

Once the picnic was over, I was exhausted and took some time to recharge. Monday kept me pretty busy between dinners and some cookies people ordered with their dinners. I got to use pretty much all local ingredients, so that made everything even better. I enjoyed preparing the order, and my deliveries went really well. I had a few more deliveries than usual, so it took me a while. I think deliveries might be my favorite part of my days. Most of the time, I don’t get to interact with people, so it is nice to see everyone while I am out.

The day after my Meatless Monday dinners, I had the farmer’s market. I made a ton of extra stuff, and ended up selling out of everything except one bundt cake. I was really surprised that I sold that much, but I was also really excited about it. I made almost twice as many brownies as usual, and they sold out first. I also got to feature a ton of local and fresh ingredients. I made a peach cobbler cupcake with peaches from the market; I did a corn bundt cake with fresh corn from the market; I did an apple pie with apples I picked the night before; and I did a maple sage cupcake with sage I harvested the night before. I definitely had more pride in what I produced than usual, since I got to use so much fresh and local produce.

Usually I get the day after markets off, but the day was spent meeting with people and working on some new business ideas. I am really looking forward to working with other individuals who have similar passions and interests. Everything is still in the works, but I look forward to sharing what I’ll be incorporating in the coming months.

The next week is going to look different. I have my usual Thursday dinners, but I will be taking the next couple weeks off. My fiancé and I are getting married at the end of next week, so I am taking some much needed personal time. I will still be cooking. I have a cake order, I will be making my wedding cake, and I will be doing my own cupcakes, so there will still be posts! I look forward to making it through this week and seeing what my time off brings. Until next week!

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