Product Review: So Delicious Bananas Foster Frozen Dessert

I have been waiting months to find this in Casper, and I left my latest trip to Walmart with a sweet surprise! I have no idea how long they have been carrying the new So Delicious ice cream, but I was very excited. They only had one of the new flavors, but it was better than nothing. I picked it up without hesitation, and decided to review it, since I’m sure there are others looking to try the new flavors!

First of all, I have to say that I love So Delicious’ new design! The regular ice cream pints are mostly black and white now. I absolutely love it! The ribbon on the logo corresponds to the flavor and color of the product, which makes it really unique. I also like how there is a picture of the flavor on the pint. I actually wish that more companies did that. It makes the product much more tempting. If I am looking at a picture of the ice cream or the items that are added in, I am much more likely to buy the product. By just seeing a name or a label, it makes it harder to decide. If I see something that looks tasty, I typically buy it without a second thought! Looking at the ingredients, I’m not surprised that it isn’t the greatest, but I can appreciate a few things. I like that So Delicious uses real bananas in it, and I like that everything is cane sugar. There aren’t any weird syrups or invert sugars like some other non-dairy ice cream brands.

For the taste test, I dug right into the pint. The first thing I noticed was that the chocolate was flaked. I love it when it is like that. Whenever I get ice cream with some big chunks of chocolate in it, I get really irritated. They are hard to bite into, and they get stuck in my teeth. I like the flakes because they melt once they hit the tongue. There was a pretty strong banana flavor, but I liked the balance. The chocolate didn’t overpower it. The caramel swirl was nice. I was able to taste the caramel flavor, but I would have preferred it to be a little stronger, especially for a bananas foster. I did notice that the texture was a little bit icy. It wasn’t super creamy like some other non-dairy ice creams I have tried. Once it sat out for a few minutes and softened, I could tell there were some very small ice crystals in the mix. It could have been due to too much moisture in the base, or Walmart’s freezers, it was hard to tell.


Overall I liked this ice cream and I would definitely get it again. I thought that it had good flavor, and I really like So Delicious! It is probably one of my favorite vegan companies. I look forward to being able to try even more flavors in the future!!!


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