Weekly Update: August 9-29

It has clearly been longer than a week since my last update, so I figured I would recap the past three weeks. I took two weeks off from everything to prepare and recover from my wedding. This week, I am back to work, and it has been a pretty steady week. I started my week with a dessert order on Sunday, I had my normal Monday dinners, then I had the farmers market on Tuesday.

Going back to a few weeks ago, I took quite a bit of time of for the wedding. There was part of me that felt guilty for taking that much time off, but at the end of the two weeks, I was very glad I took that much time. The first week off was mostly spent in preparation for family to arrive. I actually did quite a bit of cooking that week. I took one dessert order that week, but it wasn’t a huge deal. I really wanted to do the order, so I was glad that I ended up doing it. The second half of the week was very busy baking. I decided to do my own cake, which was a little stressful, but it got done. I messed up the first one, so I ended up making another and sharing the first one. I did a small cake for us, and did cupcakes for everyone else. I was determined to make the cupcakes the morning of the wedding, and I was surprisingly calm. It was a busy morning, but it wasn’t very stressful. I ended up doing about 200 little cupcakes. Everyone loved them, which was great since I didn’t even try one! The week after was spent recovering. I was exhausted and I slept in and napped every single day. It was much needed and I’m very glad that I took some extra time to myself. I did do a little baking, but I really didn’t have the energy to make much.

I started back to work on a Sunday since I had a dessert order and my monthly interview to write. It was a pretty simple order, so it didn’t take me too long. The following day, I had my Meatless Monday dinners. I only had a few orders for the dinners, but I got a dessert order with one of the orders. It was nice getting back to work, but being that active really took a toll on me after taking so much time off. The next day was even more difficult. I had the farmer’s market to prepare for and I was not ready to work a full 13 hour day! It was exhausting to say the least.

The next week will be different as well because of Labor Day, but I should have a few weeks of pretty normal work until October. I look forward to updating how my Thursday dinners and next week’s market goes next week!

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