Product Review: No Evil Foods–El Zapatista “Chorizo”

This is yet another one of those products that I have been waiting to arrive in Casper for a while now. I found the No Evil Foods products at Natural Grocers. There were a few varieties, and I got one of each, but I figured since there isn’t much in the way of vegan chorizo alternatives, I would review this one!

I have been seeing No Evil Foods on social media a lot in the last year and for some reason, I felt compelled to try it. I only get excited about different and unique things when it comes to vegan meat alternatives, and I knew there was something different about this product. There are so many out there that are big corporations making vegan substitutes, or a slightly different variation of the same “chick’n” that I have lost interest in most meat alternatives. No Evil is different. They are a smaller company, and instead of jumping on the soy and pea protein band wagon, their products are vital wheat gluten based. I first tried a small sample of their products at VegFest Colorado, but I really wanted to try some of their other options.

To begin, I love their packaging. I really like that it comes in a cardboard box instead of the typical plastic casing and cardboard sleeve that most vegan “chorizo” or sausage comes in. I think it looks a lot nicer. I like their look too. Everything looks hand drawn, yet very realistic. There are so many times when there is a picture of a product on the front, and then opening the package is a disappointment because it doesn’t look like the picture. With this, I have a vague idea of what to expect, and opening the box is a surprise, which I like. Looking at the ingredients on the back side of the package, I was actually incredibly pleased. The ingredients looked almost identical to my seitan recipe, so I definitely had nothing to complain about. It was just the vital wheat gluten, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, and spices. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that!


For the taste test, I cooked it up with some veggies for tacos. When I opened the plastic casing in came it, it was pretty easy to squeeze out. I tried to crumble it into the pan and it ended up in fairly large pieces. While sautéing, I was able to break it up some more with a wooden spoon. It browned really nicely and some of the spices released into the oil, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen! I decided to try a bit right out of the pan, and it was good. It was really good! I was happy with the texture. It wasn’t  gummy or rubbery like a lot of other packaged seitan I have had. There was a nice spice. It wasn’t too much, but just enough to bring some heat to the dish. The spices were well rounded and there wasn’t one flavor that was too overpowering. I really didn’t have any complaints when it came to the taste test!


Overall, I really enjoyed this product. I don’t buy stuff like this very often, but next time I want some vegan chorizo, I will definitely pick this up. I liked the ingredients and it had a great flavor/texture, so it is a winner in my book. I don’t say that too often, so trying something that I am very pleased with is exciting!

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