Product Review: Alpendough–Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Just over a year I discovered Alpendough. They are a semi-local company out of Durango, CO. They started liking my photos on Instagram, so I decided to follow them. A short while after that, I found them at VegFest Colorado (2017). That was when I got to sample their products for the first time. It was a small taste, and I only tried one flavor, but I remember being really excited about their products! Within the last few months, it has been available here in Casper. I have already tried both flavors available! For this review, I decided to go with the chocolate chip since I had never tried it, and chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

I think that their packaging is adorable. It is hard to miss. It is bright and has the brand in huge letters. I love how their name is Alpendough and on the front it has a little person scaling a cookie mountain. I think that is unique and just adorable. It definitely made my cookie dough loving inner child jump for joy! I was actually super impressed with the ingredients as well. For it being a gluten-free cookie, I expected some weird blend of flours and gums. It was mainly oat flour with a small percentage of tapioca starch and xanthan gum. Other than that, it had all of the typical chocolate chip cookie ingredients: coconut oil, brown and regular sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla, baking powder and soda.


Over the years, I have noticed that vegan cookies and cookie dough are hit or miss, especially if they are gluten-free. This product happens to be gluten-free, and I couldn’t even tell. The folks at Alpendough do gluten-free really well. I was thrilled to find out that they use oat flour. I have found that oat flour works well in gluten-free cookies and it doesn’t give them a grainy texture or flavor. I can tell when something has brown rice flour, or chickpea flour in it and it is extremely off-putting. This wasn’t at all. I ate some of the dough raw, because I love my cookie dough, then I baked the rest. I picked one up hot off of the pan, and I was so excited to eat them, that I forgot to take a picture! The baked cookie was delicious! It had a good balance of chocolate chips to dough, and the dough itself tasted like something. It’s always upsetting when the dough is bland, but I could definitely taste the brown sugar, and the coconut oil gave it a richness that some other vegetable oils lack.


Overall, I loved this product. I will buy their cookie dough any day I need a quick fix for some cookies. They were good raw and baked, I didn’t hate the ingredients, and they are from a neighboring state! There isn’t much to not love with Alpendough! I will definitely be getting more of this stuff in the near future!

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