Weekly Review: March 9-15

This week flew by! It was the first week back after having a week off. It was good to get back, but I am definitely not on my game like I have been (mostly constant exhaustion, and lack of brain power). It usually takes me a little while to get back into everything, and this week was clearly an example of that. I started the week off with a cake order the day after I got back from vacation. I had a pretty steady week for dinners. I didn’t have any extra orders throughout the week, so I took some time for recipe testing.

Less than 24 hours after being back, I had an order for a birthday cake. I really like making cakes, so I didn’t mind. The delivery wasn’t far away either, so that was a plus! Interestingly enough, the last order I delivered before vacation was a birthday cake, and the first order back was a birthday cake.

Monday and Thursday dinners went well this week. On Monday, I had a woman who won one of the gift cards that I had been giving away order a bunch of dinners and have me over for dinner. It was different, but it was nice. Mr. VIW, and I were there with a few other board members from the Casper Windy City Striders. Although we all serve on the board together, nobody really knows each other, so it was nice to get to know some of the people that I have been around for the past few months. At first, I thought that it was really odd to go to someone’s house to eat my own dinner, but it wasn’t too strange. Thursday was good. I was insanely nervous because we got a ton of snow, but the only delivery I was really worried about was able to meet me somewhere that was plowed. By far, my least favorite part of deliveries is driving around. I always get very (probably unhealthily) stressed whenever I’m driving for some reason.  I did get to have Mr. VIW with me on most of my deliveries, which helped. It had snowed so much that his car couldn’t safely get out of our neighborhood, so we were using my car for everything. I got to pick him up from work, which also happened to be one of my deliveries. It was really great! I had someone to talk to the entire time, I didn’t feel as stressed, and I wasn’t listening to the same three CD’s on repeat the entire time!

The other days were spent recipe testing. When I say recipe testing, I actually mean, throwing stuff in a bowl and hoping for the best. I tested croissants again, and that was from a recipe that I had been working on. This is one of the only exceptions. I get annoyingly precise with a food scale and everything. They turned out so well! The browning wasn’t perfect, but the layers, taste, and texture were crazy! I made this breakfast sandwich with a tofu egg, tempeh bacon, and Violife, on a croissant, and it might have been one of the best breakfast things I have ever had. I was really happy with them, so I might start bringing them to markets. I also made some lemon cookies and banana bread muffins, which were more of the “throw stuff in a bowl and hope for the best” types of tests. They are both keepers, even though I didn’t write a single thing down. I somehow remember everything I make, so I never really write anything down…

Going into the weekend, I have a few dessert orders. I like doing them, so I am looking forward to getting some more baking in! That’s pretty much it for this week. It has felt exhausting for no particular reason, but I’m ready to tackle the next week!

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