Weekly Review: March 22-29

It’s only been four weeks since I have started writing again, and I’ve already missed a week of blogging. It happens though! I’ve learned that I can’t be too hard on myself or I get burnt out. Last week was really busy. I had a lot going on, but there were a few exciting things that are worth sharing! I had a little dessert order to start the weekend. I set up at the farmer’s market over the weekend. This last week has been mostly spent catching up. I had a pretty steady week for dinners, and I didn’t have any extra orders over the course of the week.

There is one big thing that I am really passionate about that happened last week! There is an animal sanctuary in Laramie, WY called Home On the Range Animal Haven. I saw a story on the news that said they are at risk of closing or losing their home because of a lack of funding. I got really emotional and upset about the whole situation. They care for abused and neglected farm animals, and that is something that is very close to my heart. I went vegan for the animals over nine years ago. I couldn’t stand the cruelty and violence that goes on in the factory farms and dairy farms. It was one of the most disgusting things that I had ever seen, and the thought of ever consuming any animal product ever again didn’t seem moral. When I saw the story, I knew I couldn’t sit back and watch them lose their home. I decided to reach out, and donate 50% of all proceeds from all farmer’s markets from here on out to the sanctuary. I will also be taking monthly trips down to visit the sanctuary as long as they continue to stay open. I am excited to be able to help them out, no matter how small the contribution may be.

Last Friday was a busy day. I got up early to fill a last minute dessert order I took. The rest of the day was spent working on some things for the farmer’s market. I spent extra time working on things for the market so I’d be able to donate more to the sanctuary. It was stressful as usual, but I didn’t have the usual breakdown like I do almost every market. The market went really well. I was amazed at the support I got from the community. There were a few people who donated just to Home On the Range, and I was beyond excited to send them the donation after the market! Somehow it ended up being the best day for sales I had ever had at a farmer’s market (not including the individual donations). I was absolutely floored at the support that I got. I knew that it would help the animals, even if it was just a little bit.

This week has been really good. It has been very steady for dinners. Somehow every dinner I have done for the past two weeks has had about the same amount of orders. Everything has gone really well as far as dinners go. I have been more social on my deliveries, which is a good thing. There are some newer people who have started ordering, and I have had the opportunity to talk with them and answer some questions. I really enjoy doing that, but sometimes I feel like I get stressed on my deliveries and come across as anti-social. Whenever I get to have conversations with people in the middle of my deliveries, it definitely helps me, and it reminds me that what I’m doing is actually useful to people.

Other than those things, I haven’t had anything else major going on. Everything has been really positive, and continues to excite me for the future. It might not be fast growth, but it is impactful and personal!

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