Weekly Review: April 6-12

It’s been a full week! Last weekend I was out of town, which was nice. This week has been pretty busy. I had a steady week for dinners, but I had a few dessert orders, market prep, and an interview for a podcast.

While I was out of town, I didn’t really get my hands on any good food. I was in Pinedale, because Mr. VIW had something going on up there. I decided to tag along because I like the area, mostly because I ran my second half marathon there. They don’t have anything for vegan options at restaurants, except for Subway, but their grocery store has a few options. Basically, we survived off of energy bars and microwave dinners, but it worked. Although it wasn’t much for food, the coffee there is probably the best I have had. There is a little shop called Pine Coffee Supply that opened right around the last time I was there, and they’ve started roasting their own coffee. It is so good, it was worth the four hour drive just for that. Really, the weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing. It was fantastic. I pretty much slept all day and ran in between sleeps the first day we were there.

Getting back to work on Monday, I had a pretty average amount of orders. I had a dessert order on top of that, so it kept me really busy all day. I’m not usually that busy, but I ended up working an 11 hour day with a 30 minute lunch break somewhere in there. Thursday wasn’t as busy, but I somehow managed to fill my day and didn’t have any downtime. I’m not entirely sure where my time went, but it was alright. The rest of the week has been spent shopping and preparing for dessert orders and the farmer’s market. It’s going to be a full weekend and possibly some long hours. I always enjoy it when I am out delivering to people, or at the markets, it is just a lot of work leading up to everything that seems overwhelming. Somehow it always comes together and everything gets done. I have no idea how it happens, but every time I am able to pull something together.

Now to the exciting stuff! I had the honor of being a guest on the V Spot Podcast. I’ve been listening to the podcast for over a year now, and it’s definitely one of my favorites! It’s kind of an odd story, but I had been talking to Katt and Dani (the hosts) for over a year online. It was cool to finally meet them over Skype. Just after I started listening to the podcast, they recorded an episode where they talked about people bringing them food, so I decided that I wanted to send them something. I am really not sure what compelled me to send them stuff, but I asked for their shipping address. The next thing I knew, we were talking regularly on Instagram. Fast forward to about three months ago, they did an episode where they talked about food and baking. They kept referencing my food, and were talking about how they wanted me on the podcast. I decided to reach out and we made plans for me to be on the podcast. I was really nervous. I had no idea how many people would be listening, or what questions they’d ask me. The interview actually went really well. They were nervous too, so it made me feel a lot less weird. It was really nice to actually talk to some people about what I do. I have spent so much time interviewing other people for the blog and getting to know others, that I forget to share my story. Telling Katt and Dani about my vegan origin story helped me, because it reminded of my passion for veganism and making a difference. Honestly, the worst part for me was the idea that, at some point, I’d be listening to my own voice for an hour. Overall, it was a lot of fun and it was a good experience. I have never done anything like that before. I felt like I was talking with people I had known for years because I had been listening to their podcast for so long.

For the most part, it has been a really good week. There were times when things were a bit overwhelming. I can see that as a good thing, though. It means I’m busy, but still able to manage my workload.

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