Weekly Update: December 7-13

It has been a long, busy week. Times like this just make me want to put even more effort into what I do! They inspire me, challenge me, but most importantly, show me what I am capable of.

Tip of the Week: Holiday Edition

Not baking, but still giving dessert! My not-so-original, but incredibly useful solution for gift giving this holiday season.

Tip of the Week: Holiday Edition

Keeping it simple during the holidays seems like an easy task, but I am always amazed with all of the people who go over the top and end up with mediocre holiday gatherings.

Weekly Update: November 23-29

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is in full swing! I am mostly excited for cookie baking, but thats alright, at least it gives me something to have fun with!

Tip of the Week: Holiday Edition

Thanksgiving leftovers really got me down this week. I share my ways of making the food I actually crave out of something that is on the verge of disgusting me!

Discovering Vegans in Wyoming: Katherine Roussel

Discovering Vegans in Wyoming is a monthly interview series that puts the spotlight on one of the many unique vegans living here in WY! This month I interviewed a long time friend of mine Katherine Roussel!

Weekly Update: November 16-22

I have officially quit my non-vegan part time job, I recap my vegan Thanksgiving, and I am in the newspaper (not for food)!